Nuova Versione di Dialog

Vi segnalo il rilascio della nuova versione del nota plus-in per FileMaker, Dialog.

Praticamente indispensabile, con la nuova versione è stato pesantemente riscritto. Perfettamente compatibile con FileMaker versione 12, con questo nuovo rilascio si abbandona il supporto per Leopard e precedenti su Mac. Su Windows continua il supporto per XP oltre che per Vista e Seven.

Vi segnalo anche il nuovo sito, il precedente è sempre attivo ma non è mantenuto, per cui aggiornate il vostro bookmark.

Dialog Plug-in Version History

0.54 (2012-06-10) Download
  • Windows, fixed combobox drop down on Windows XP
  • Windows, ability to define one button using Dialog_DoDialog function
  • Windows, fixed issue when trying to set a date and time control
  • New function Dialog_CustomDialog which provides ability to create a dialog by passing XML data
0.52 (2011-10-02) Download
  • Re-write of plugin
  • Remove option parameter multicolumn from function Dialog_DoDialog
0.21 (2011-02-27) Download
  • Windows, fixed issue with List dialog box and specifying a combo box, no items in the list would be selected even if specified to do so
  • Windows, fixed issue when specifying multi line edit boxes, carriage returns would be returned as square boxes
  • Windows, fixed issue with ampersand ( & ) not displaying when used in labels
  • Mac, fixed issue with dates returning as international dates always regardless of current computers locale
0.20 (2010-04-15) Download
  • PC, fixed issue with List Dialog box, combo box when resizing objects not resizing correctly if no dialog text is specified
  • Updated List Dialog box to allow ability to create one control of any type below the main List box
  • Updated radio control to allow for multiple rows and ability to specify 1 or 2 radio buttons per row. The default is three.
  • Added new control ‘static’ for DoDialog custom dialog boxes which displays a string of characters
  • Added ability to specify read only controls by adding the text RO to the end of the type, ie editRO, comboboxRO
  • Added new option ‘barberpole’ to progress bar dialog to display a barber pole or indeterminate animation
0.19 (2010-03-26) Download
  • Mac, fixed issue with combo box not setting item when selected from list under FileMaker 11
  • Mac, fixed issue where buttons would not appear on List dialog box even though they had been specified to appear
  • Mac, fixed issue with List dialog box when specifying to return a value from a column it would include a pipe character if one row is selected
  • Mac, fixed issue with List dialog box and specifying selection is required for a button to be enabled
  • List box now has two new parameters to display an optional combo box which gets displayed below the main list box
  • Progress Bar updated such that the dialog will always appear until it is force to be hidden by using the parameter hide. A new option has been added timer which will close the progress bar after the defined number of seconds without any activity
0.18 (2010-01-21) Download
  • Mac, fixed issue with Multi Column List dialog and text alignment not working properly
  • Mac, fixed issue with BigEditBox returning more text than expected when only one line of text is entered – Now actually fixed. Also fixed issue with Deleting carriage returns.
0.17 (2009-12-20) Download
  • Windows, combo box now displays a vertical scroll bar if there are more items than can be displayed
  • Windows, combo box no longer automatically sorts items in the list
  • Windows, fixed issue with custom input dialog box and adding more than two edit boxes only first edit box would display carriage returns correctly
  • Mac, fixed issue with Dual List dialog and moveText option not moving items around correctly
  • Mac, fixed issue with BigEditBox returning more text than expected when only one line of text is entered
  • Mac, fixed issue with BigEditBox not refreshing properly when deleting a line
  • Standard Dialog boxes can now be shown for a limited time before closing. Two options available: one with buttons to allow the user to close the dialog and two display a dialog for x number of seconds
  • List Dialog box added new parameter labelled hiddenColumn which is used to return data associated to the row in the list box
  • List Dialog box now uses a checkbox to select/deselect an item instead of highlighting it. This fixes issues with multi selection on Mac
  • List Dialog box now allows multiple items to be selected by default. If Hidden Column specified then to select an item/items use the values from the hidden column
  • New function labelled SetFont which sets the font, size and style of the text that appears in all dialog boxes
  • Tab Dialog box now has option to go to a specific tab on display
  • Fixed issues with default buttons not working properly
0.16 (2009-10-14) Download
  • Now provides ability to use Unicode characters
  • Windows 7 compatible
  • Simple Login dialog box now provides option to use an edit box instead of a drop down menu for selecting a user
  • Dual List dialog box now provides option to move item from the left list box to the right instead of copying it. With this option removing an item from the right list box moves it to the left.
  • Increased allowable size for drop down menus which caused FileMaker to crash in the past
  • New function Dialog_GetPosition which returns the position and dimensions of the last dialog box displayed

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