Special database object cannot be located


When you attempt to open a database from a Lotus Notes® client, the following error occurs:

    “Special database object cannot be located”


This error occurs when the Launch option (in the Database Properties dialog box, File -> Database -> Properties) is set to launch a design element that is either not present or is corrupt.

For example:

  • A document link (doclink) that points to a target document that does not exist.
  • In the Notes mail file database, the MailFS frameset is corrupt.
    Note: Launching the MailFS frameset is the default launch setting.


The resolve this issue, do one of the following

1. Modify the Launch tab such that it does not reference a Notes element that is missing or corrupt. This modification requires database designer or database manager rights. With this particular issue, you must access the database properties without opening the database by doing the following:

    a.) Highlight the database icon on the Notes workspace
    b.) Click File -> Database -> Properties -> (Launch Tab) [rocket icon]
    c.) Modify the first two fields to launch the desired Notes element.

2. Delete the corrupt design element, then refresh or replace the database design to re-add the previously corrupted design element.




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